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Please don’t put your old bicycle(s) out at the curb for collection. Consider donating your wheels to a friend or family member -or to CBN.

While bicycles are good for the environment, throwing them into landfills afterwards isn’t! Smelting iron ore into steel requires an enormous amount of energy and mining the ore can create serious problems for local ecosystems. Steel manufactured from scrap metal uses less than half the amount of energy and depletes our landfills, not our Earth.

CBN is proud of its commitment to waste diversion and energy conservation and we save well over one hundred bikes every year from being thrown away.

Bicycles that cannot be best sports website designrepaired and offered for resale are taken apart to ensure that still-functional parts are salvaged. Components that cannot be reused, including bent or broken frames, forks and other metal, are then properly recycled -or even repurposed by the arts community!

If you have an unwanted or unusable bike, please donate it to CBN. Keep in mind that dismantling bikes is labour-intensive and costs money so consider also making a donation of $20 or more to CBN (best sports website designonline or in-store) to help us defray the cost of this important waste diversion and energy conservation initiative.

CBN is a registered non-profit serving Toronto since 1993.